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Dr. Chris Kapsner – Democrat For Assembly District 67

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 Chris is a leading member of a group of doctors who provide emergency services to hospitals in Western Wisconsin, Minnesota and Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The organization serves numerous hospitals and employs hundreds in the region. Chris works as a medical director for a major hospital.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is another blow to our already stressed region.  As an ER doctor , I have a front row seat to the pandemic and have watched the devastation this virus has on both our physical and mental health, as well as on our economy.  Republican legislative leadership in Madison have not prepared us for this crisis; nor have they prepared us for the future.”

 Chris is passionate about improving healthcare and rural emergency services.  He has been an instrumental leader in taking a small single hospital practice and transforming it into a large corporation. He’s looking forward to applying his experience and expertise in healthcare, business and the unique challenges of living in rural Wisconsin to the role of the state legislator.

 “Wisconsin deserves better. We need a strategy for growth; we need rational solutions to  the real problems that we all face.  We need independent thinking leaders who are willing to work together, and put their partisan differences aside to bring prosperity to our state.”

 Chris and his wife of 28 years, have owned their farm in the town of Sheridan for over 20 years .   Chris and Molly have 4 children who attended Boyceville Public  Schools. Chris is an avid outdoorsman and is passionate about, improving wildlife habitat, including prairie restoration and planting thousands of trees. He enjoys all types of hunting, especially bird hunting with his dog Hector.

Wisconsin Needs a Doctor – Chris Kapsner Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Needs a Doctor – Chris Kapsner Wisconsin Wisconsin Needs a Doctor – Chris Kapsner for Wisconsin

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Actionable Issues

From increasing access to affordable healthcare to protecting Wisconsin traditions, Chris is running to get back to basics and prioritize the people of Wisconsin.

Prioritizing Affordable Healthcare

Let’s increase acces to affordable healthcare, including mental health and addiction services.

Investing in Education

With four children, Chris knows the importance of a great education. In the State Assembly, Chris will support public school funding to improve our local schools and communities.

Repairing our Infrastructure

As your State Represenative, Chris will invest in transportation and broadband expansion projects to improve our local economies, enhance our safety, and allow for efficient local control.

Keeping Hector Happy

Hector the black lab goes everywhere with Chris. Hector’s favorite activity is pheasant hunting and he would like to do more of that.

Chris already does everything he can to put a smile on Hector’s face (including one too many steak dinners) so in Madison, he’ll continue to work to keep Hector happy by fully funding the DNR, improving our state parks, protecting wetlands, and restoring prairies.

Protecting Wisconsin Traditions

Chris will fight to preserve our Wisconsin traditions: family farms, hunting, fishing, clean air and water. 

We’re proud to have endorsements from around the district from community organizations, unions and individuals just like you.

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Prosperous – Healthy – Productive

Today’s legislature is more focused on the partisan blame game than investing in rural Wisconsin.

We deserve better.

I’ve helped lead a group of Doctors in taking a small single hospital practice and transforming it into one of the region’s largest employers. Now, I look forward to applying my business experience and expertise in healthcare as your State Representative. 

We need a strategy for growth and rational solutions to the real problems that we all face like lack of broadband service, struggling public schools, and rising healthcare costs. I know we can create a prosperous, healthy, and productive Wisconsin for all – but we need independent thinking leaders who are willing to work together and put partisan differences aside.

Together, let’s build a 67th Assembly District that is prosperous, healthy, and productive for everyone.


Volunteer to call or text voters. Knock on doors (when COVID is over).

Whatever you’d like to do to help, we’d like to have you!


Your Vote. Your Voice.

The general election for 67th Assembly District seat will be held on Nov. 3, 2020. Request an absentee ballot, see what is on your ballot, or register to vote at myvote.wi.gov








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